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Need information and guidance for teaching young people about reproductive and sexual health? Look no further.

A range of hands-on teaching and learning resources for young people are available at the Family Planning NSW bookshop.


Fact sheets

Classroom activities

These fun and engaging activities aim to break the ice, increase sexual health literacy and address common sexual health myths.

Lesson plans

Incorporate Body Talk into your next class using these lesson plans.

Please review these lesson plans and activities to determine if they will be suitable for your purpose, student’s year level, or community.

  • Lesson plans – COMING SOON

Useful websites

  • Talking Sexual Health
    National teaching and learning resource for secondary students concerning STIs, HIV/AIDS and BBVs.
  • NSW Department of Education Teaching Sexual Health Website
    This website aims to keep teachers up to date with new ideas for engaging secondary students in sexual health education.
  • Ansell sex-ed
    Sex Education on-line resource library for schools moderated by La Trobe University.
  • Teaching Sexual Health
    An innovative website developed by Alberta educators and health professionals to help achieve excellence in teaching sexual health.
  • Enhancing online safety
    The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is a one-stop-shop for online safety information for children, young people, parents and teachers; supporting children to be safe online.

Family Planning NSW Bookshop

The Family Planning NSW Bookshop has a range of up-to-date and credible resources widely used by clinicians, teachers, youth workers, and parents on issues ranging from contraception to puberty, sexual health for young people, and people with disabilities.

In line with our commitment to training teachers in the sexual health component of the PDHPE curriculum, we develop resources for schools such as contraceptive kits, which include examples of contraception options to ensure young people are informed of the choices available.

The disability resources we develop are highly regarded, not just by disability workers, but also by carers and parents who are often forgotten when it comes to supporting material for reproductive and sexual health education. Our resources are written in simple English and targeted toward people with an intellectual disability, ensuring they understand and feel supported when it comes to their reproductive and sexual health.

Family Planning NSW Bookshop

More information

For additional programs and resources to support teaching reproductive and sexual health go to the Family Planning NSW Teachers’ page.