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Parents and Carers

Young people have a lot of questions when it comes to their body: Am I normal? Are my bits down there the same as everyone else’s bits? Is it ok to masturbate?
The Body Talk website is designed to address some of the common concerns young people have about their bodies, providing them with accurate information about reproductive and sexual health from the trusted experts at Family Planning NSW. Parents and carers have a key role in supporting young people around making positive and informed decisions.

We know the decisions young people make about their reproductive and sexual health can have a profound impact on their lives, and we aim to ensure that young people understand the options available to them so they can enjoy high quality reproductive and sexual health.

It is a common misconception that providing young people with information about reproductive and sexual health will encourage them to become sexually active at a younger age. Research has shown that young people who are well informed about reproductive and sexual health are more likely to wait until they are older before becoming sexually active – and more likely to access contraception and practice safer sex when they do so.

We respect the rights of young people to make choices about their sexuality and their reproductive and sexual health, and we treat each and every person with respect, dignity and understanding. Our role is to equip young people with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Our work is evidence-based, and shaped by our research through the Family Planning NSW Sydney Centre for Reproductive and Sexual Health Research; our published clinical practice handbooks on reproductive and sexual health; our nationally recognised data and evaluation unit; and validated through our own extensive clinical practice.

We have designed this website to engage with young people, covering some of the areas of reproductive and sexual health that young people have expressed they would like more information about. This website does contain anatomically correct illustrations and diagrams of genitalia in order to explore questions young people may have regarding body image and normality, in a time where sexualised images and pornography are so readily available. The images on this website are intended for educational purposes to give young people a more accurate perception of the diverse nature of our bodies and how they work.

The Body Talk website is a fun, interactive resource for young people to explore the male and female body; to see how the reproductive system works; and, most importantly, to help them understand that each body is unique. It also provides young people with information about puberty; relationships; familiarises them with the methods of contraception available; common sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and the methods of protection; and the services that are available to support them in maintaining good reproductive and sexual health.

If you would like further information about our work, please contact: healthpromotion@fpnsw.org.au

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