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Everybody has the right to feel safe and respected regardless of their gender or sexuality, and to live free of discrimination or harm.

If you are unsure of your sexuality or gender, it’s good to talk about it with someone, such as a trusted friend, a professional, or LGBTIQ counselling service.

There are people who can and want to support you on your journey, whatever that may be – you’re not alone.

If you tell people about your gender or sexuality, there are many ways that they might respond. Some may be very supportive, while others may not. No matter how people respond, you are the only person who can say who you are.

If you experience bullying or discrimination based on your gender or sexuality, it can be helpful to report it to an adult you trust at your school, uni, workplace, or a friend or family member.

LGBTIQ community groups can provide support, connection and care, and can be found both online and offline.

If you’d like to learn more about sexuality and gender there are a lot of online services and resources.