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Puberty explained

What causes puberty?

Certain hormones become more active during puberty. They travel around the bloodstream and signal different body parts to switch on and off, or change what they do. These tiny chemicals are responsible for all the puberty changes that you can explore in this section.

Try saying these puberty hormones out loud:

  • Oestrogen (ee-stra-jen)
  • Testosterone (tes-tos-ter-rone)

Why do we go through puberty?

During puberty your body becomes able to reproduce, or have children. Your reproductive parts mature and your body grows bigger and stronger. Your brain also matures and you make new social connections. There’s a lot going on during puberty!

When does puberty happen?

Puberty happens at different times for each person. Puberty changes can start at any time after age 9, but don’t worry if you haven’t noticed any changes yet. Your body will change when it’s right for you.

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Puberty explained