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Lube is a slippery liquid used during sex to make everything nice and wet. This helps to create extra smoothness and increases sensitivity which can make sex more pleasurable.

How does it protect against STIs?

Lube helps to decrease friction during sex. Too much friction during sex can cause chafing and tiny tears in the soft tissue of the vagina and/or anus creating a higher risk of STIs and other infections being passed on.

Lube can help prevent condoms or dams from breaking by making them more slippery.

Always use a water-based lube as this is safe for use with latex condoms and dams.

Using lube increases pleasure for both girls and guys!


  • Condoms come pre-lubricated but you can add more lube.
  • Never use oil-based lube such as Vaseline or massage oils as these can cause the condom/dam to break.
  • There are many types of water-based lube including different sensations and flavours, so find one that you and your partner enjoy.
  • Using flavoured lube with condoms/dams can make safe oral sex more pleasurable and fun.
  • A small amount of lube goes a long way so you don’t need much each time.

How to use lube

Condom: When the condom is on the penis, and before having vaginal, anal or oral sex, put some lube on the outside of the condom. Don’t put lube on the penis under the condom as it can cause the condom to slip off.

Female condom: Lube can be put on the penis before sex using the female condom.

Dam: Apply lube to the underside of a dam (the side in contact with the vagina or anus) during oral sex. You can also add some flavoured lube to the upper side of the dam if you want.

Glove: Apply lube to the outside of the glove before manual sex.

Lube can also be used during other sexual activities like mutual masturbation and when using sex toys.

Where can I get lube?

Remember, use water-based lube (not oil-based) when using condoms, dams or gloves.


Lubricant bottles and sachets