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Female (Internal) Condom

The female (internal) condom is like a large, loose-fitting male (external) condom made of polyurethane (a type of soft plastic), which is inserted into the vagina before having sex.

How does it protect against STIs?

Worn inside the vagina during vaginal sex, the female (internal) condom provides a barrier which catches the guy’s semen and stops the transfer of bodily fluids between partners.

The female (internal) condom can provide more protection from skin-to-skin transmitted STIs [genital warts (HPV) and genital herpes] than the male condom, as it covers a larger area of the female external genitals and the base of the penis during vaginal sex.

Where can I get female (internal) condoms?


  • Do not use a female (internal) condom together with a male (external) condom.
  • If the female (internal) condom gets twisted or breaks, remove it and use a new one.
  • Each female (internal) condom can be used once only.
  • Use a new female (internal) condom when changing between vaginal and anal sex.
  • If the female (internal) condom breaks call Family Planning NSW Talkline 1800 658 886 for advice on STI testing and emergency contraception.

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How to use a female (internal) condom

  • Gain consent (don’t forget to ask!).
  • Check the expiry date.
  • Carefully open the packet (do not use your teeth or scissors).
  • The female (internal) condom has two rings:
    the outer ring covers the area around the vagina opening, and the inner ring is used for inserting the condom into the vagina.
  • Squeeze the sides of the insertion ring together at the closed end of the condom.
  • Find a comfortable position to insert the condom (squat, lie down or raise one leg on a chair).
  • Gently insert the condom into the vagina like a tampon.
  • Using one finger inside the condom, push the inner ring as far as it can go into the vagina, making sure the condom is not twisted.
  • The condom is now in place.
  • When you are ready, guide your partner’s penis into the opening of the female condom with your hand so it enters correctly.
  • After sex, remove the female (internal) condom by twisting the outer ring to stop the sperm leaking out.
  • Then gently pull the condom out of the vagina.
  • Tie the condom in a knot, wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin (not down the toilet).

How to use a female condom steps

Female Condom

Hand holding a female condom