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Porn vs reality

Some people might think that porn is sexy and fun, but porn doesn’t always send positive or accurate messages about bodies, consent and relationships.

Whether or not you like porn, remember that porn isn’t the real world.

Some people don’t like to watch porn or do the things that are shown in porn, so always check with your partner before you try something new.

Person with socks on in bed

Some of the big fakes in porn include:

  • The bodies – erased labia, enlarged penises, fake breasts, complete removal of hair
  • The relationships – no conversation, no consent
  • The sex – no foreplay, fake orgasms, extreme sex acts shown as common and pleasurable for everyone

Some of the unsafe things in porn include:

  • Illegal sex acts – child exploitation, rape
  • Violence and degrading sex acts, especially towards women
  • Unsafe sex – no consent, no condom use, mixing of body fluids
  • Porn getting in the way of your real world relationships

Find more helpful and safe information about pornography here.

If you are concerned pornography is interrupting your everyday life, or if you just have more questions, you can call Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 for information and advice.