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Female masturbation

Girls/women usually use their fingers, or sometimes a sex toy (such as a dildo or vibrator), to touch their vulva and in and around their vagina and clitoris – the super-sensitive organ that is centred just above the opening of the vagina, but extends deeper within the body.

Girls might also like to touch their breasts and nipples. Every girl is different and only she can work out what feels best for her.

When a girl becomes aroused, vaginal fluid can increase and her vagina gets wet and slippery. The lips of her vulva (the labia) can start to feel more sensitive and they get a little bit bigger and may darken in colour.

When a girl masturbates, she may reach maximum arousal and have an orgasm. An orgasm is a reflex which is usually accompanied by pleasurable feelings.

For girls this can range from quite gentle contractions of the vagina, to extremely intense whole body contractions. These might cause a girl to make a lot of noise and may also alter her breathing. Very few girls might experience a small ejaculation of a clear or creamy fluid during orgasm.

Women have the ability to have multiple (or many) orgasms, one after the other. So, if a girl experiences orgasm during masturbation, it’s possible to experience another one soon after (if she continues to masturbate). Other girls find their clitoris is too sensitive after orgasm, and it may be uncomfortable to touch at all. All this is totally normal and will subside after a few moments.

Most girls will usually know when they have had an orgasm. Although some girls report never experiencing one. It’s important for girls to be patient, relax, and figure out what turns them on.

  1. Before arousal:

    The vulva and vagina is in natural state.

  2. Arousal:

    Blood vessels dilate.

    Increased blood flow to the vaginal walls, and vaginal fluid is increased.

    The vulva becomes engorged (swollen); including the clitoris, vaginal opening and inner and outer labia.

    The vagina expands and lengthens inside the body.

  3. Plateau:

    Blood flow continues to the vagina and the vagina walls and vulva darkens in colour.

    Clitoris retracts into the clitoral hood due to increased sensitivity.

  4. Orgasm:

    Physical stimulation of the clitoris and vagina can lead to orgasm – series of contractions of the vaginal muscles.

    Girls don’t experience the refractory (resting) period that guys do after an orgasm. A girl may have another orgasm if stimulated again.

  5. Resolution:

    Blood flows away from the vagina and vulva and swelling reduces.

    Vulva returns to natural colour.

    Muscles relax and vagina retracts to normal position.